Macromedia Merger

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Web design company Macromedia, creator of such products as Dreamweaver and Flash, has purchased rival business Allaire for $360 million.
The news of the acquisition follows the announcement of…

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Hate to tell you, but this is old news… Dates from January this year, January 19th to be exact

Im afriad you are actually wrong :). Its old news about Macromedia being sued, but its new about Macromedia buying Allaire. Sorry m8 :wink:

Mass.-Jan. 16, 2001-Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) and Allaire Corporation (NASDAQ: ALLR) today announced a definitive merger agreement. The combined company will unite the Web design and development communities and enable Web professionals to efficiently build the look of a Web site and the application logic behind it-creating the best possible user experience across multiple devices.
Am I that wrong?