Macromedia Flash Player 7

I’m not sure whether or not this is the right forum to ask this question, so if I’m in the wrong forum, please let me know and accept my apology. :o

I just bought a new computer and received an e-mail with a ShockwaveFlash attachment. I hadn’t yet downloaded Shockwave or Flash, so I went to the Macromedia site and got both free downloads. I then went to my e-mail attachment to open it and it asked what program I want to open the attachment with. Now here’s the problem: Neither Shockwave nor Flash show up in my programs in the Folder Options Control Panel! I’ve done a search on my entire hard drive but cannot find the executable Flash file to associate with the Flash file I received.

Does anyone have any idea where Macromedia places the executable file for Flash during the automatic download and installation? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. C.J. :cool:

What you installed was a set of plugins for your Web browser. They are not standalone applications that can be executed. Try opening the attachment in Internet Explorer.

Thanks for the suggestion Rehab. I just tried it, but again got the message “Unable to Open” and to select a program to open it. This is annoying as hell.

Did you rebbot your computer after installing. Try that!

Yep. Dominator, I tried rebooting, but the file still wouldn’t open. Interestingly, I’ve visited web sites powered by Macromedia Flash and the software works great. Thanks for the suggestion though. I’ve concluded that I can live without seeing the Flash attachment on my e-mail. I give up!

Perhaps save the attachment to your disk first, then open it?