Is it in some way possible to use your little program with a Mac ? This is the situation. I have three computers. 2 PC’s and 1 Mac. My dad doesn’t want me to have internet on my own PC so he installed it in his MAC. I’d like to help you but i can’t. Is it possible to use the program on a Mac, or is there a Mac version of the program ? Wel, tnx anyway

you could also download the win version, get some keys by the mail system, work them on your pc and when they’re done submit then on your dads box, but try checking http://www maybe there’s a mac client there

Here you can find a macintosh client.

I don’t understand what you mean. I downloaded the client. But what do you mean by the mail system. How does it work anyway ? The page where I could acces the information isn’t there. If you have it, could you mail it to me ? (with some explenation)



what Redneck meant was that if your unable to access the internet with your client then you can ask them to send you keys to crack by email, but seeing that you have downloaded the client for your Mac and that has Internet access then you don’t need to use the mail system.