Macintosh people?

Is there a Macintosh -Apple- special place here?
I want to know best way to make a svcd from a DVD or to copy some DVDs I bought

Hopefully the admins will give us Mac-heads a spot of our own, makes it easier for people to find what they’re looking for on the Mac end of things and helps to not clutter up the rest of the Windows-related threads.

But yeah, go to for most hardware answers and to get tips and stuff, what OS are you running?

If you’re on OS X you should visit for more tips.

I’m the Mac fanatic around these parts. Advice to you, buy some DVD media and backup those DVDs on a PC, it’s sooo much easier.

With that said, check out if you wanna do it the hardway.

Great, nice to see another Mac person here.

However, you don’t sound very confident in your Mac abilities.

Easier on a PC?

Nothing is easier on a PC, except maybe getting a virus.

There may be more tools available for overburn and that crap right now for Windows, but DragonBurn and other apps are getting much better for OS X, so don’t think Toast is the only app out there.

To copy DVDs on a Mac you copy the DVD to your hard drive using a ripper program, such as MacTheRipper, as well as a program that re-compresses the DVD to 4.4 GB so it can fit on a standard DVD-R like DVDRemaster (recommended) or DVD2oneX and finally you need a program like Roxio’s Toast (excellent but costs $$), or MissingMediaBurner (horrible but is free) to burn your resulting VIDEO_TS folder to DVD.

I’m surprised that it took 3 weeks for someone to come along that knows something about Macs. feel free to ask me if you have any further questions

I’m new to this forum, and to DVD back-up in general. Also jsut bought my first Mac, so I’m new to OSX.
I DL’ed Mac the Ripper and have successfully ripped a copy of a DVD to my hard drive, and then, perhaps foolishly, just “burned” the file/folder to a DVD R. Of course it doesn’t work.

So…I need to use additional software to “decompress” and “burn”?

The original file is less than 4.4 GB (It’s something like 3.6 gigs, all told…) so I don’t know if I really need to re-compress?

One thing to note, perhaps, is that the original DVD in question is all-region PAL, which the Mac plays with no problems…though I know most DVD players in the US won’t play PAL format. Could this be the problem?

No response to my post…???

I thought I had succeeded in making a back-up–using Mac The Ripper, and then using DVD2oneX to compress, and also to burn…
but when I play the DVD-R in my home player, I can’t choose audio options, and though there’s sound at the “menu page,” when I play the movie, the video is all there, but no sound at all!

What’s up with that?