Macintosh Dvd Copier?



Hi everyone, am new here, first time forum user from India. hope I can get some help with the Macintosh … I would just like to know if there is any software available for the MAC. like CLONEDVD or SHRINKDVD etc. ?? I am really tired of searching … :sad: I bought a new 17" Powerbook G4 with 512 MB and 80 Gig HDD and a DVD-R. cant use it damn !! please help me someone if possible. would be highly grateful. Thanks a lot.


Dvd2one does a Mac version.


Indeed…! I am a user of the Windows version and I must say that it quite satisfies me… it’s fast, simple (but enough functionality) etc etc.

Go here for more info!


kool thanks man, I shall check it out definately … if You know of anything else please do let me know. Does CloneDVD have a MAC version too … and what about Decrypting the DVD’s ??