Macintosh compatibility

I am considering purchasing the nec nd2500a. I’m not sure if it will be compatible with my powermac g4. I heard that as long as it is EIDE drive then I should be ok. I’m just not sure if drivers and everything come with it or where to get them. Anyone have experience with this?

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I am no authority on Apples/Macs, but there might be someone else on this forum that knows them a little better than I do.

I am not sure if Apple has a specific website designed to address issues/queries like yours, but according to this site , if you look under the first and fourth entries, there has been success doing what you’re trying to do.

Like I said though, I am no expert on Apples/Macs…and somebody might better be able to confirm this for you. Good luck!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Cha, XLR8 is the place to check first.

Get patchburn if none of the iApps support the drive, they will with some UNIX prodding. Otherwise just use Toast or DragonBurn, they should both see it immediately.

Get all your software from


What OS are you running?