Macbook Air is a worthless laptop



Recently I have read several reviews of new Intel-based Sandy Bridge laptops similar is size and weight to the Macbooks. Yet, the PC mags always pick the Apple as the better machine. So, how is an Apple laptop with a USB 2.0 and old core processor able to compare to the new Intel based units with a USB 3.0 port?


They are not worthless laptops, people review them by what they do and there specs, not by the age and not everything is USB 3.0 compatible yet!


Well everyone wants to jump on the Apple Bandwagon right now, just because of some good Products. I go way back to the late '70’s and '80’s when PC’s and Mac’s started to go head to head. I’m still a PC guy and I’m happy for their Products, but I have not jumped on their Wagon! :cool: