Mac X Video encoder pro - Major issue with Aspect ratio when using Intel QSV acceleration


I just bought the package including Ripper and converter pro. I am facing a major and rather strange issue related to the Intel acceleration option during encoding. It took me hours of testing with all kind of parameters to figure out where this came from.

Whenever I check the Intel/Amd/nVidia checkbox to activate the hardware QSV acceleration for encoding, aspect ratio of encoded videos is destroyed.

The encoded video has huge vertical black bars on left and right sides like as if it were letterboxed video, and this happens for all videos with any original aspect ratio. No matter what crop settings I use in the Edit window, no matter what Aspect ratio setting I use in the encoding parameters window, same result.

I am encoding from MKVs to MP4 (H264 HD profile).

If I uncheck the Intel/Amd/nVidia checkbox, everything runs fine and the video is correctly encoded with the correct aspect ratio (not using crop option and leaving aspect ratio settings to “keep origin”).

I am working on a Mac Book Pro, QSV acceleration is supported.

I bought the product for encoding speed reasons just because it is the only one to support QSV on mac; so if this option does not work, I have no real use for this converter as it is then not faster than any other free encoder available on the market.

Can anyone help ? Thanks in advance for your feedback
I am happy to send scree captures/log file if needed.

Hi SireBin,

Sorry for my delayed response. As for the question, please tell us the detailed information about your hardware, and then we could test it for you.

And if possible, could you kindly send us the source video? Is this case, we could do a concrete analysis and provide you the solution earlier. Thanks.

Once again, thanks for using our software.