Mac video converter for websharring

I would like to use a good video converter for Mac in order to upload a 20 - 30 minutes video to a video sharing website. However, i tried iskysoft but the out put size is really big. I have downloaded some of the uploaders videos and it’s seems the video is compressed is really good, quality, sound and size (70MB for 20 minutes video)

I messed around with quicklime settings and the out put file size was (90 - 130 MB). is there any better way to convert a video with

  1. reasonable size (around 70 MB)
  2. video quality
  3. audio
  4. video format.

I have been working for about 2 days but i know there are a better ways…

I believe i could find my answer in this website

If you haven’t found something your like yet give Evom a try There’s always Avidemux, I forgot this one,, haven’t tried it myself.