Mac Version?

Hey Everyone,
I have been using DVDFab for years now on my windows pc, but I am currently moving to a Mac. I was wondering if the developers of DVDFab were ever planning on making a Mac version. So far I have done a little research and I have not found anything comparable to DVDFab on the Mac Platform for copying, burning and converting DVD’s all in one program. Everything I have looked at so far, says to use program A, B and C. Plus, these programs are mostly outdated in their copyright updates for new movies. So, I was wondering if DVDFab would be planning on releasing a Mac version, as I know of many people on the Mac who would love to have a good program like this, and not have to run bootcamp to have a decent DVD burning program. Also, if there was any program I missed for the Mac, would anyone give some suggestions?
I have found MacTheRipper (Outdated for free version), RipIt (Doesn’t have many options) and Handbreak (Doesn’t output in Video_ts folders). Also, none of these programs burn in the same program, you have to get another program to do the burning. Any other programs out there. I am a longtime user of DVDFab and I recomend it to all my friends.
Thanks for any replies.

You have a couple of options and be sure to check the Mac forums for any help. You can use Wine, probably have to be compiled for the Mac, to run DVDFab. You can also purchase Crossover Mac, which is a commercialized version of Wine, saving you from compiling the free version. If you have a windows install disk, either Bootcamp or Paralles will run your Windows programs.

Give DVD2one a try as they have Mac OS-X versions available. here is a link to the website and here is a link to a Macintosh User Forum which has many other programs listed for the Mac