Mac user needing Nero equivalent

Hi folks…my first post on CDF, and a request to start off:

I am a Mac user, and a videographer. My son has the Nero suite on his Dell PC and has been testing all my DVDs for me, but boy, I sure would love to have something like it for my Mac! Does anyone know of a similar app (oops, “Program” for you non-Maccies!:iagree:) for the Mac.

Yeah, I know, Macs rarely need to have anything checked, but just OCCASIONALLY we need to do so :rolleyes:



Welcome to CD Freaks, Roy :slight_smile:

As a Mac & PC user myself, there are some apps on each platform that don’t have direct equivalents (or even something close). AFAIK there isn’t a decent native Mac optical drive app that will do the same thing as DiscSpeed.

Do you have a PC virtual machine software (eg Parallels) or an Intel-based Mac that can use Boot Camp?


Thanks a lot for your reply, but, no—guess I’ll just have to keep using my son’s Dell :sad:

Yes sorry but sometimes it’s just horses for courses :frowning: