Mac Software

I’ve been looking at this forum for months but I’ve never seen any posts by or about Apple computers and software that runs on OS X. I’m quite pleased with Roxio Toast, The Mac equivalent of Easy CD (DVD?) Creator but I’d like to know about diagnostic and other software that will run on my Mac. I have a combo drive on my Mac (burns CDa reads DVDs) and an external Firewire Plextor dual layer DVD burner. I’d appreciate any advice or info

Not sure you posted in the right forum but I think the biggest reason for there not being alot of Mac stuff in the forum is prolly people sticking to Mac forums for that kind of stuff. Personally I’ve used YuBurner on Mac and love the simplicity of it. Here’s a couple links for free downloads although I realize that might not be what you’re looking for:

This is the bargain basement forum, for posts about deals. It’s not a general “tell me what I should use” forum.

MacTheRipper is good for ripping commercial DVDs (for backing up DVDs that you own, of course). And it’s free, so quite a bargain. :smiley:

Haven’t tried it, but I’d imagine the Windows-based diagnostic software would work under BootCamp or one of the virtual machine products (Parallels or Fusion) assuming you have an Intel-based Mac and are willing to invest in a license.