Mac Snow Leopard Losing Data

I have never had a problem in Windows that caused me to lose all data. I have had Windows crash and been able to recover data by either installing the OS over the existing OS, or installing Windows on another hard drive then slaving the other hard drive to retrieve data. I just find this strange for an OS and the Mac people who swear Apple is better.:rolleyes:

Mhmm, data loss has never occurred using a Microsoft operating system.

Lets be realistic about this bug, when was the last time anyone has logged into their own machine using the guest account? Apple has acknowledged it and it will be fixed.

Loosing a little info in the “all users” folder is a pretty weak argument.

I usually don’t care about Apple products because Apple computers cannot run any of the CAD software I use. It’s just that I ran into an Applewingnut this weekend touting how superior Apples were and I thought this article was funny.

Your argument applies to Windows also. Everyone knows Windows sucks. I just don’t understand why Apple users try so vehemently to defend the product. To each his own. IMacs kind of remind me of one of those prison movies where the guy says “You sure got some purdy teeth their”, then he gets bungholed.

Curious, I thought my argument was the likelihood of a user losing all data was so small because a user never logs into their own machine on the guest account, a point you acknowledged by failing to answer the question I posed.

Indeed, there are plenty of Apple nuts, although you will find I am a level-headed Apple supporter. I do not believe either platform to be superior to the other, they both have strengths and I am critical of both. I do find it funny that for every Apple nut around, there are three times the number of Windows snobs who are completely ignorant of Apple’s strengths and the things they do right.

Yes, intentionally. No arguments here. Not only that, I agree with everything you just posted. Snobs suck, period. My neighbor does a lot of advertising illustration work for major magazines. she would probably be lost without her Apple. She has both. I have not noticed any difference on how Adobe CS3 runs between each machine, she has not either.

I don’t know why CAD is not used so much on Apple’s. I do know that since I build my own machines, I can build a really high end machine for a lot less than someone would pay for a retail Apple, but then again, that applies to a P.C. also, on the high end that is.

I like Apple mainly because of OS X and the OpenBSD underneath, since I grew up on UNIX.

I’m not that attached to the hardware, for me it’s more about the operating system and user interface.

OS X gives me what I wish I could get with Linux. Linux has come a long way, but it still isn’t as smooth as OS X.