Mac sales increasing

What does it mean…better machines, or better sales tactics? :confused:
Some of my best friends, ok…just one, have Macs, and it was always a kind-of taboo topic. :cop:
And now…? Some serious :iagree: business news on the subject:,70787-0.html?tw=rss.index

They make good stuff, but they are very expensive by comparison to PC’s.

I just bought a 24" iMac with Core 2 Duo, and did so primarily because I could dual boot to XP and OS X via BootCamp. Otherwise I could not have justified the expense.

If I had the money I would buy a new Mac.

If for no other reason than to give Microsoft a little kick in the pants, as it were. :slight_smile:

I really, really do like having a Mac with OS X, but still am not sure I could make it a full-on production machine. Mainly cause of the different software apps that I will have to learn to duplicate what I do on the PC.

I’m very lucky to have one. I hope you can maybe save up and get a MacMini or something. They are pretty spiffy.

With the new Mac’s ability to run 5 different OS’s, one might give it serious thought. Mircosoft Vista is going in the wrong direction. There is going to be a lot of pissed off people once they understand what you can and can’t do with this new OS.

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not me I do not plan on using it.

People have always said the same thing whenever Microsoft is releasing another OS. So why is Microsoft still doing business? Mac was quite more popular 5 years ago and 10 years ago. I predict the Vista OS will soon become the most popular OS Microsoft has ever released. It’s easy to say there will be many “pissed-off” people for some reasons but that doesn’t change the fact far more people buy Windows-based PC than Mac. Mac sales is increasing simply because Apple chose to switch to Intel processors, cheaper and better. Apple will make more sales by switching to Vista as well which they can’t do because of inferiority complex.

In my opinion, the single biggest thing that has held back the Mac is that it was a closed system tied to specific hardware.

Microsoft is doing business, in part, because they provided a product that could work on tons of different systems from tons of different manufacturers.

They are also still doing business, in part, because they are heavy-handed, monopolistic thugs who abuse their position to force out competitors, in some cases gleaning what they could from those competitors and making like products from the knowledge they gained in an underhanded fashion.

They have made some good products and legally purchased some great technology, but they have a long, long history of unfair business practices.

Their engineers have been some of the best out there, and I wonder just how great that company could have been - not just rich but I mean a real positive asset to the consumer community for the right reasons.

It’s not that Steve Jobs is a saint - not buy any means - but he has not abused his corporate power to the same extent - not even close. He is incredibly innovative - notice I did not say creative. He is extremely good at looking at the work of others and finding ways to improve the concepts in a manner that meets the desires of the customers he serves. But he is arrogant, defensive and a control freak, and because he has been so unwilling to “share”, Apple is still only a minor player in the PC market.

Yes said I was not going to buy xp did not need it but I did

Only because most of those people will be newbie’s and don’t understand. When you have most of the top tech’s saying to stay away from Vista, It’s something that should be taken into consideration. My prediction is that you will see that the sales will be low. There is just to much DRM crap coming with it and the people don’t want it.

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Microsoft will dominate because of their bundling requirements with machine makers like Dell and such.

It will simply force change that way, and by dropping support for XP. It’s how they roll.

they’ll be dropping support for XP right off the bat with DX10, sure they could easilly make an XP version, but they won’t because they know it will force hardcore gamers to buy vista…those kinds of tactics just piss me off


I was pretty much forced to upgrade my machine to SP2 cause they dropped support for any SP1 updates, so the few apps I have that never did come out with a patch/update for the SP2 functionality. Man, I just kinda hate how they can get away with this stuff.

Their success has stemed from the creation of the i-pod. Their products are great, but the i - pod gave them popularity so now more people are willing to spend a lot more for something they think is much better then a pc.

Well, I dunno - they have been successful for many, many years.

But I do have to say, if you don’t mind having a device that you cannot change the battery on, the new iPod Nano is pretty darn impressive. It looks like the old Mini, which was a really good design, and the all metal enclosure is tough as nails compared to the plastic. It feels very solid, has good battery life and comes in purdy colors. I think they really have a winner there.

Do Apple consider their players disposable still?

Sadly, it looks like it. They still want $59 (used to be $99) to replace the battery.

If they would JUST make user replaceable batteries like the Sandisk E200 series, it would be AWESOME!!!

I still use my Samsung 1gig players that do 42 hours on a user replaceable AA battery. I have 3 of 'em just in case I break one. :slight_smile:

I also like the new nano, but its to damn small! knowing me, I’d lose it! they should at least offer the fullsize Ipod in anodized aluminum, I might consider getting one if they did.

I gotta tell ya though, the new Nano’s are really, really impressive, and you can buy an inexpensive cover / carrier for it. Person I know that got the Pink 4 gig for $199 bought a $4.99 leather cover that came with a strap handle thing, and it works fantastically. They listen to music and audio books on it when they go to sleep, with the sleep timer set to like 90 minutes. They just LOVE the thing, and I’ve used it and think it totally rocks as well.

If I was going to get one, I’d get the Silver 2 gig I think. I don’t need all that space, and it is $50 cheaper, and Silver is more “masculine”, ya know? :stuck_out_tongue:

How much do you wanna bet? :bigsmile:

Most of the top techs are saying to stay away from Vista when Microsoft hasn’t yet released even an RTM version of 32-bit Vista? Most techs recommend Windows XP, the current mainstream OS product from Microsoft instead of Mac or OS X or OS/2 or Linux or whatever.

Most people are newbies and that is mostly why most Vista consumers are going to be newbies.

And who really cares about DRM? This is CDFreaks where very many visitors are interested in backup but what about the other one or two billions of other PC users? Most of them just never heard of DRM at all.