Mac OSX (and Rosetta Stone)



First off, yup, I’m new. (I might as well say it as my terminology will give me away anyway :o ).

I am trying to make a backup of my Rosetta Stone Language disc. I want to use it on both a Mac and PC (Laptops, sometimes I carry one, sometimes the other).

As I understand it:

SafeDisc (2/3) is my problem

It seems that on the PC I can use something like alcohol and then hide atip info

how about the Mac?

Is there a program that will hide atip info on the Mac, or is this even necessary on a Mac?
I assume that Toast is useless for this type of task.
What about cdrdao?
What about dd?

Is is possible to even create one copy that will be capable of running on PC and Mac?

To summarize I need to:
create a copy for the mac and perhaps a second copy for the PC
If necessary, I need to hide atip info since both laptops have burners

Any suggestions or links. (and yes, I have seen the thread about Rosetta Stone but it seems to focus on the PC and I’m trying to tie that info together with some Mac info)

One last question:
Can you point me to an explanation about emulation. How is a copy different from an emulation? I think this is a separate issue from needing to hide atip info.




Depends what you mean by emulation. Though going by your post your are talking about virtual drives and discs. This emulation only differs from a copy in the fact that there is no physical disc or drive. You mentioned Alcohol120% in your post so I will use this as an example. You creat a virtual disc drive and use this drive to mount and image of a disc for example .iso. This then acts like a normal disc for installing or playing a game without the need to insert the disc or change the discs.

It used to be used a lot by a numbe of gamers before certain copy protections stopped a game from working or installing if they detected virtual drives, to save on the need to insert discs to play their games. Nowerdays nocd patches are more common for such activities.

The rest of your post I know nothing about as I know nothing about macs.