Mac OS 10.x able to make perfect 'DVD Video like' copies?

Alright, I’m wondering if this rumour is just nuts or what. :slight_smile:
A friend of mine told me that he’s perfectly running DVD-Rs movies on his (HI-FI) DVD video player which should actually not work (as stated on the tech specs…). :eek:
Now, all these seems (as he claims…) to be possible thanks to a Machintosh G4 with his refurbished Pioneer A03 under Mac OS 10.x. I actually don’t know if he’s using Toast or just doing a drag & drop operation into the burner, but I would like to know if this could be true (what about CSS protection?? :confused: )??
Of course I’m referring to little movies that fit on a 4,7 GB DVD-R.

No… the only thing that comes close is DVD Decrypter which removes the protection.