Mac or PC?



I have only ever used PC’s when dealing with computers and although I am no fan of Microsoft I can not see the point in Apple Mac’s.
They are expensive to buy and repair (or should that be uneconomical to repair)
They are slower than PC for the same money
They do no more than PC’s.

Maybe I am wrong but I see no logical reason while people will fight the Mac corner reguardless of the facts.
I do not wish to burn Mac’s and if people wish to use and buy them so be it, I could not pay 2X as much for a product that is slower doing the the same tasks within the same program (say Photoshop etc…) so how are they better?
I really what to know I think the above points are valid and I do not know of any other points which favour the Mac.
Mac users do’nt kill me I really what to know what makes you so loyal.


Uhm, iBooks are certainly not exepensive compared to a PC but instead of a flamewar why dont you try one and see for yourself?


No need for flamewar just want honest reasons.
When I ask Mac users as to why have a Mac all I get is “cause there better”, "there used a lot in the graphics industry ( no reason why), not much of a reply.
If Iwas to spend the sort of money needed to buy a new Mac I would want to know why.


If you already made up your mind (read the first post) what does it matter?
Anandtech have a few articles regarding OS X but they aren’t great.


i’m not a mac user myself (never have been) but from what i gather, macs are much more stable than PC’s running windows, the only thing i ever hear about crashing on a mac involves microsoft products (like office). Also there far more secure, as not so many people have them then virus writers (you know the 14 year old kids!) don’t write viruses for them. In fact i’ve heard of competitions where nobody could hack into a server runnng mac os (or something like that, i forget). Also there not actually slower. You have to realise that megahertz and gigahertz is purely a term coined by intel to describe how fast there machines are (the frequency of the chip), however thats not the only thing that makes a computer (or mac) fast. Theres other things to consider, which i can’t really be bothered to explain unless you really want me to. So there lastest G5 or whatever its called could be comparable in speed to the lastest intel chips.

True some of the lastest ones are expensive, but then you try buying one of the lastest intel computers and you’ll probably see that there about the same price, and with performance that is quite similar too. It depends what you would want it for, there used a lot in graphics design etc.


My mums friend has a Mac I hate it. I am a PC user through and through.