MAC: Newbie: How do I know which file is the main menu?


I would like to be able to make movie-only(ish) dvd’s, with the movie, english 5.1, main menu, and english subtitles.

Running X 10.2.5. Demo of DVD2oneX. DVDBackup 1.3

I use dvdbackup 1.3 to decrypt a full DVD and end up with a video_ts folder.

I launch DVD2oneX and point it to the video_ts folder from dvdbackup.

In DVD2onex I pick the movie file, the soundtrack and the subtitle that i want, but how do I pick the main menu?

I don’t know if you can even pick the main menu anyway, so i may be barking up the wrong tree!

Thank you


Woof, woof. Nope, no menus up this tree :slight_smile:

Seriously - The current version of DVD2one is all or nothing (i.e. Full disk or Movie only) with no provision to keep just certain parts of the DVD structure.


Oh well, never mind.

Still, the programs pretty cool as it is, anyway…