Mac Mini - Using Pioneer DVR-111D Externally

I’m thinking of getting myself a Mac Mini to replace my busted PC

The problem is I do a lot of Dual Layer burning (Such as backing up my XBox 360 purchases) and would obviously need to hook up a Pioneer 111D as an external writer.

Software is not an issue as the new Mini can now run Windows XP, but I am wondering if the external aspect will affect the performance and/or quality of burning? :smiley:

Using a Pioneer DVR-111D externally instead of internally may limit the writing performance of DVD+R and DVD-R single layer media to less than 16x and limit the reading performance of DVD-ROM to less than 16x.

Other media will probably not be affected, because most systems should be able to transfer more than 12x over USB or FireWire, and your Dual Layer media will not be burned or read faster than that (or even as fast as that).

I’m not familiar wih the Mac Mini, so I don’t know which connection options you’ll have, but at least FireWire should be available I think.

This has little to do with Blank Media, so I’m moving it to the Optical Drives forum. I’m also changing the title to give people a better idea of what this thread is about. :slight_smile: