Mac .iso mounted in Alcohol 120% on PC, but can't read the files! Please help

Hi all, I have this problem: Mac .iso mounted in Alcohol 120% on a PC, but I can’t read the files! There is a .toast, a .sitx and several .rtf files visable in the mounted iso, but I CAN’T access the needed .rtf files. MS Word tries to open them with a permissions error - and I can’t even copy them off the mount to my local disks. Is it even possible? Thanks!!!

You can’t read directly mac disc in windows. cause the mac discs are HFS not ISO 9660. you need software for that. here is list of software that will read mac disc in windows

Thanks for that…I am downloading Dataviz Conversions Plus now, but I seriously doubt those programs can see an Alcohol-mounted Mac ISO. I’ll let ya know!

I upgraded (perhaps foolishly) to the latest alcohol version, and nowI can mount that iso but can’t see the files like in the older version. But maybe this is by design…