Mac is BACK!

Actually i have been back in the US since the 27th just had to swollow my pride a little bit. In case all that wonder what happend when i went to England here it is.
Nothing happend I was at airport and had to move on to germany. Never met Ally coz she had her reasons not to come and see me. I went to see my mom and sis instead and i had a blast, i wish i could live in europe again coz it opend up my eyes and i finally saw after i grew up how life is supposed to be. Fukit now im here in the US life is good too. I’ll be traveling to germany more often to visit my sis and mom i like the night life there its pretty cool…Anyway hi to all of you CDFreaks hehehe.

Welcome back bro! :iagree:

Awwww I’m sorry things didn’t go like you wanted them to…but it was great for your family…and hey …
Gutten Tag mein hase! lol

Welcome back now get up and start posting again…

At least I know her side of the story also. :slight_smile:

Welcome back

So basically life’s been good to you? :slight_smile:

Glad to see you are back and happy :slight_smile:

Didn’t you eat too many “bratwurst mit pommes und bier”? Did you attend to an “oktoberfest”? :slight_smile:


Welcome home mackie (the knife)!

Who is Mac?

nymac11 maybe. :slight_smile:

Screw Buch and get back to EU and Germany … There is nothing like ein Bier und ein winer :smiley:

Oww god please kill me… Your are so close with all the wimmen, that they allways confide in you. :eek:

Hey mate, good to see you again!

Good to see ya again. Just wondering what made biggest impact on them euro-folks: The street mentality or the college degree. :smiley:

lol u guys are fucken great know how to make me laugh i fucken love that about all of you.

@ Dee-ehn Oh yeah i had all the good foods again and the best beer i didn’t know where to start when it came to beer, but my brother inlaw hooked me up.

@ BeeR DoG well hard to say i had a good time and people there kind of didn’t know how step to me but once i opend up and let them in they all loved me, I fucken love being in europe. My sister didn’t want to let me go she told me to stay there and open up a buiseness so she can be around me again hehehe she is soo fucken good to me i wish i had all my family here right around the corner.

@ xtacydima bro i lived on Long Island most part of my life and you don’t know me hehehehe.

@ KickF u right about that im seriously thinking about moving to Germany

@ S_S guten tag to you too am i a Hase? Guess so if i bounce from one country to another to another like that you can call me that :bigsmile:

@ Namoh if you do know it then you should also know: That no matter what happens in my life i will always be by my girls side even if my whole family died i will still see my girl i would never push her to the side but thats just me some other people might be thinking differently im really loyal and i always watch out for my friends and family, even my sister asked me after so many years “how come you got all these scars everywhere?”. I told her coz she hasent seen me in so many years and a lotta shit happend in that time.

ok fuck all this shit i’m gonna play me some Doom 3 Resurection of evil see u guys some other day… DUCE AT YA!!

Europe rocks

what it says last post by7 airhead but iy sitnt last post by im liards

welcome back

Yes cos we does not have Bush :bigsmile:

Drunk :stuck_out_tongue: