Mac help please!




I’m a new mac user and I really have no idea how to burn dvds. I’m using OSX and I want to know how to make an exact copy of a dvd? If I just copy the dvd onto the desktop as a new folder and burn it onto a dvd-r will it play on a regular dvd machine (hooked up to a tv)? Or do I have to create a disk image? Please help me! I need to give the dvd back asap!!!

Thank you!

P.S. The when I open the dvd it has two folders that says AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. The audio folder is empty though… Oh and the total size of the dvd is 1.07 GB and I don’t think its protected or anything… (A friend made it for me.) Thank you again…


I use the FREE Mac the Ripper; found at

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Since all you want is an exact copy (1.07GB) and it fits onto a DVD (which is 4.7GB), you don’t need to resize it with a product like DVD2OneX. You can just rip it with MTR and use Toast to burn it (read Toast’s help on how to do this). Also remember that you must not include any files in the VIDEO_TS folder in Toast that say “store,” because that’s just a Mac OSX file, and has nothing to do with your DVD.

By the way, the AUDIO_TS folder is never used, but is required to be there for “proper” DVD structure. Just leave it empty – but don’t delete it.


Thank you!!

But one thing… I don’t think Toast comes with my computer…

So if I just copy and paste the files it wouldn’t play as a real dvd right??

Thanks again…