Mac equivelant of DVD Fab

Hey guys ive just recently moved to mac and i used to use DVD Fab platinum (PERFECT DVD burner) lol i was wondering if there is an similar program to dvd fab that is for mac?


Sorry but no mac equivelant to dvdfab but you can take a look at this link as it can be your answer to having dvdfab on your mac

Parallels or dual boot and have XP installed is your best options.

So, you want something with the exact capabilities of DVDFab? There isn’t really anything for the Mac that I’m aware of, but that certainly doesn’t mean there isn’t. There are ripping and burning apps available, but these are separate programs. If you have a Windows OS disk you can use Bootcamp and have all your Windows apps. Another option is Crossover Mac which should allow you to run DVDFab, but this option will cost you a few dollars. Or, you can try installing Wine and running FAB with that. It works well with linux but I’ve never tried it on a Mac.

Depending on which Mac you have, the easiest thing might be to run Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp. You’d need a copy of Windows, either XP or Vista in 32bit.

This would let you continue to use DVDFab.

If you don’t want to do that, look into Fairmount and DVD2OneX.

Edit: Too much research, too slow at replying…:slight_smile:

People could help… if you give more information.

its all good i’ll just use my mother’s pc (my old pc)
im not too confortable with running bootcamp
some ppl have said it makes the mac unstable
thanks anyways