Mac emulator

what is the best mac emulator for i386 computers?:bigsmile:

I really don’t know which is “best”, but maybe this will be helpful. :slight_smile:

This is an old test report at Turn Your PC Into a Mac?! but it may still be useful.

This report favored PC Fusion. This link provides the files and utilities for this emulation software.

See also Solutions: Sharing Disks Between Macs and PCs :wink:

While it is very easy to emulate a PC (real x86-hardware emulation) on a Mac using VirtualPC, you have big difficulties emulating a Mac on a PC.

There is one program that will emulate Mac OS: Basilisk II

But there is no emulator available that will emulate the entire Mac-hardware (in the same way VPC emulates a PC).
If you think about running Mac OS X on your PC I have to dissapoint you. It will not work.

thx guys for reponse but ive tried fusion a while back and it was very slow!i try those websites thx alot:bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Fusion is old by now, and is freeware on the site with the links above.

SoftMac is their latest product and is supposed to be a lot faster than Fusion. :wink: