Mac DVR-A09 fm 1.58 CD Coasters

I have a Mac G4 Panther 10.3.9 512meg 1ghz Powerpc with a Pioneer DVR-A09 DVD Burner, Toast 7 and PatchBurn3.1.2en installed

I recently upgraded my firmware to the A09 1.58 revision and I can no longer burn CD’s, I am able to burn DVD+R media (Memorex) no problem, and DVD-R media burns sometimes and reads -r when it feels like it ( this has always been the case no matter what firmware is installed).

I am trying to burn audio cd’s out of Toast and iTunes. Both programs stall forever when writing lead in. I’ve tried modifying speed and DAO and TAO in Toast , still no go. The media I am using are the ugly Memorex Black CD-R 40x 700mb 80min. I have used memorex before ( the normal non black ) cds before and sucessfully burned DAO cds with cd-text ( with past firmwares ).
Any Ideas on what might be causing this?
Any suggestions on what CD media I should start using ( that is normaly available at regular stores such as bestbuy compusa etc ) for this drive.

In advance I apologize if this was posted in the wrong section.
Thanks in advance as well for any suggestions or help to come.

oh I forgot to post the Toast error I recieve … That would be helpful I guess

The drive reported an error:
Sense Code = 0x0C

Crap and unsupported media, obviously.

Hi I get a similar situation where Nero seems to stall writing the lead in when trying to burn any type of disc. I have upgraded the firmware to the latest 1.58 but the problem still occurs. Does anyone have any ideas? I’m using Ritek discs and the moment but it happens with TDK and Laser discs too.

My setup is:

Pioneer DVR 109 - external USB2 case connected to a Dell Latitude 600 - 1.4 GHz, 1Gb Ram running XP SP2 and Nero

No help possible unless you post a log here.

I think both issues are down to: “Power Calibration Error”.

Hello, I have a question about buring a dual layer DVD using Toast 7. I am using an external Pioneer A09 w/ an iBook.

In Toast 7, there are two options I can choose from.

  1. Under the Data Tab: DVD-ROM (UDF)
  2. Under the Video Tab: DVD-Video from VIDEO_TS

This 2nd option is how I back up commercial movies onto single layer DVDs. However, I was told that I should use the 1st option to burn my movie onto dual layer DVDs. I would really appreciate some direction from anyone who’s used Toast 7 to burning DL DVD’s before. The DL coasters get pretty expensive. Thanks everyone in advance!

Same counts for Toast like with Nero:
You cannot use them “to backup commercial movies/Video DVD”!

You maybe could use MacTheRipper to rip the content to HDD, then burn it onto DVD.

What sense would it make to choose option #1 here?
You would burn a DATA DVD, no Video DVD!

The most important point when burning onto DL is the right media - choose Verbatim DL or any troubles you can think of will appear.

Thanks for the quick response Chef!

I do use MacTheRipper to rip onto my hard drive first. Then I usually use Option 2 - select the appropriate VIDEO_TS folder, use Copy Options to remove the extras, then and hit burn.

You’re saying I should do the same with dual layer discs? In this case, compression is not needed so I can keep my extras. So, should I uncheck the “Fit to DVD” box on the left?

How do your backups look?

PS - I always use Verbatim DVD+Rs. I recently purchased some Verbatim DVD+R DL discs to try this out.

Sorry, cannot help you with this further, because I have no (real) Mac.
If Apple decides to make MacOs for the intel CPUs available to other x96 CPUs/system, I would be happy to install Mac OS here…