Hi, I’m a PC user and I use Roxios Drag to Disc from the Roxio 7.5 EMC. But my mom uses a Mac were she works and does a lot of Graphics design. I always feel really sad when I stop in and visit her at work because she has always had the latest up to date Mac like right now she has a new G5 with a super drive, The sad thing is she backs all of her projects up on Zip 250MB and she has hundreds of them taking up all her office space.

I need help in finding a Mac DVD+RW packet righting program similare to Roxios Drag to Disc or Neros InCD. If you know of a program like this that is Free or Retail I would like to convert my mother from Zip media to DVD+RW media. Thank you for all your Help and time :bow:

You don’t need extra software:
In the Finder:
menu/File/New Burn Folder
Drag in the stuff you want
Click Burn (you have to open the folder for this button to become visible)
Also check out the options in Disk Utility(part of OS X); it’s in /Applications/Utilities/

Good commercial solutions: Roxio Toast or Dragon Burn

good luck