Mac DVD data recovery help

I’ve searched and read quite a bit on the forum and most solutions seem to be for PC’s… I have a Mac related problem and hope to find a Mac solution:

I burned a bunch of data DVD’s using Toast on a Mac G4 - mostly very large wav files around 800-900meg each. Toast verified that the archives were good. That DVD drive eventually stopped working and was replaced. I now have a new computer (MacBook Pro) and went to restore some of those files from the DVD archives, and I’ve got problems.

The DVD’s mount and I can see the files and their file sizes, but when copying them to the hard drive I get a message that says and error was encountered, and the copy stops leaving nothing of the file on my drive. A few DVD’s from a different batch actually worked on another computer (though it took forever to copy), but this batch is a no-go.

I’m hoping to find a Mac solution, as I’m in the middle of nowhere and don’t know anyone nearby with a PC.


You should try with different drives as the reader because the problem seems to be the vanishing data on the source discs…

Not sure I understand… The drive that was used to burn the DVD’s is long gone (dead). I was trying to use my new Macbook Pro to restore the data.

I had tried my wife’s MacBook with a different batch of DVD archives (from the same burner, but not the same epoch), and it worked, though slowly. This batch doesn’t work any better in her’s than mine. I don’t have any other computers around, as I’m in the middle of nowhere right now.

I tried photorec, which recovered part of 1 of the 4 files on one of the DVD’s - not exactly a success. Are there any other Mac options? Or maybe a PC option that would run under Bootcamp?

Yeah, bootcamp sounds a good idea in collaboration with a tool like h2image from

I returned from out in the middle of nowhere and used a friend’s Dell laptop, which read the disks perfectly. Weird and scary how unreliable DVD technology is. All’s well that ends well I guess…:eek:

The problem is that standards are overcomed by money greedy corps…