Mac compatible DVD burners?

There seems to be few posts I’ve searched on the site regarding Mac compatibility of DVD burners as well as lack of mentioning Mac compatibility on the pages of websites which sell DVD burners. I have also Googled and found little. Any Mac users who has a DVD burner compatible with both Windows and Mac? I would have thought that if the DVD burners were IBM formatted then I could use them for either platform. I’m thinking of getting a Mac in the future, though it won’t be the latest one out due to expense.

As a user of a laptop which runs on Windows I’d prefer a DVD burner (not necessarily external as I have an enclosure) which can work on either platform. The only purpose on the Mac is simple standard burning.

Many thanks.

Formatted? Do you maybe mean something like “compatible”?

DVD Burners from Pioneer, Panasonic, Toshiba and NEC should work with a MAC. If they won’t from the start, PatchBurn3 will most of them enable…

I was thinking of IBM formatted like with floppy discs, probably wrong thinking there.