MAC cloning options

:confused: Are there any options for mac users that want to back up their own legally owned DVD’s I can’t find any info about Mac cloning software. Is anyone out there using a MAC to clone with? I don’t have a burner on my mac mini I use my reflex 4 to burn dvds
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Well, there’s always Toast but it will cost. There is Mac the Ripper,, and one called Handbrake,

Thanks I’m going to check out the mac the ripper I have handbreak and its super slow (I need more RAM 1Gb on mac mini) and it only extracts the movie I want to get the menus and extras. I use Toast 7 right now. If Mactheripper isn’t a better solution I may have to get some RAM for my 2.4Ghz celeron R PC and use that. I just love my MAC