Mac book DVD Ripper

I am looking for a great DVD Ripping program for Mac. I travel a lot and I want to put a lot of movies new release movies/TV shows- onto my macbook laptop/external memory. I have purchased 3 different DVD ripping programs… and every time I put a DVD into my laptop - to try to down load onto my computer/Ipod I am met w/ a message that says this program will not all me to download the movie b/c it is encripted! (Toast 10 Titanuim doesn’t work!) I just want a simple program that bypasses the movie encription and lets me put my movies onto my computer/ipod. I am tired of buying programs that don’t work! Any suggestions? It really shouldn’t be this complicated… Please Help!

Ripping choices for Macs are limited in number and not updated all that often, as far as I am aware. MactheRipper is the most well known, and the updated versions are not free.

Handbrake is a free program that can rip dvds on a Mac, but only if you have VLC media player installed. But it won’t do a simple rip, it will convert to another format, like mpeg4. This might suit you very well, since you are converting for an Ipod, and you probably don’t have much room for storage on your laptop.

Metakine’s Fairmount is another free program that makes use of the Mac version of VLC media player. I haven’t heard of it before now though: Just found it via Google.

The problem with using VLC as the decryption source is that it won’t let you copy dvds with advanced encryption schemes. For those I’m not sure there is a good alternative to MactheRipper. As you can see at that site, the last free version of MactheRipper dates back to 2005. You must join their forum and “donate” to get a newer version, and I don’t know how well updated it is, seeing that I’m not a Mac user.

This process is much simpler in a Windows environment, and can be done with up to date tools that are still free.

Thanks for your response. Looking through those sites it is recommended to try ripit or handbreak (Has anybody had luck/trouble w/ these products?). Mactheripper is not at all recommended. May people say on the site that the program is out-dated. It is clear that the ability to create a DVD library on my MAC is limited! If there are any further suggestions please let me know. I am willing to pay for a ripping option that works! But before I go ahead and buy another product… I want to know that it works.

Good luck with the search. Thanks for mentioning ripit. I’m not sure I"ve heard of it before now, and would probably have confused it with the older Windows program called RipIt4Me. Always good to know about the various ripping programs, even on a platform I don’t use.