Mac: Audio and Subtitle window no longer appears

Newbie here, DVD2 one has been a great program for the 24 hours or so. However, it no longer allows me to view the subtitle/audio window in OSX. Could this be a problem with the program or something I did wrong?. I used dvdbackup 1.2 to dycrypt and like I said it was working fine allowing me to make several backups of my dvd’s. When Audio and Subtitle button is selected the rainbow pinwheel begins to spin and regardles of how long you wait it does not allow you to view the subtitle and audio options and are forced to quit program. Anyone had similar problems?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure the Source field is pointing to a valid VIDEO_TS folder.
  • If still no sidebar w/ Audio/Subs options, try clicking on the 'Audio and Subtitles" button on the bottom left.
  • There is no step 3! There’s no step 3!

I have found the same problem if I have the files in an external disk. It only works ( for me ) in the internal disk ( Imac LCD 15" 800Mhz OSX 2.5 )

hope this helps.

I always use dvd2onex on files on external FireWire drives, with no issues whatsoever. The only thing I can think of is maybe if you put any spaces or special characters in the drive or folder names where they reside. Try removing any.

I do all my processing exclusively on an external Firewire drive and have never had that problem. BTW, DVD Backup is now at V 1.3. Maybe you should update.:cool:

-The easiest way around this situation (audio and subtitle problem) is to simply reinstall the program onto your computer after dumping every single file associated with DVD2oneX. I tried it and have had no problems since.

-BTW you will have to enter your registration info again.

  • As far as the external hard disk goes I have had no problems using an external hard drive.

  • hope this will help.