Mac Advice

Hey guys.
I just purchased Toast Titanium 8…and I can’t get passed the CSS protection to burn movies. Any advice for me? :slight_smile:


Try here-I know it is outdated but works for most
newer version of of above:

Sweet man thanks. I grabbed the ripper. But now its giving me a Mac OSX error as soon as I try to write the disc?

Try this it is the latest and last version

Heres another read

Man this is starting to become a problem. None of these apps are working with Toast, any other suggestions?

Thanks again for your help

Are you ripping then trying to burn with toast.Not sure where your problem is happening.

Yeah man…The first time tried to rip with mactheripper, then burn with toast, and it didn’t know the format.

use Popcorn or DVD2ONEX to transcode it.