Ma why can't I get a job?

[QUOTE=roadworker;2703203]Perhaps the main reason why they did this to themselves…so they don’t have to work…:bigsmile::bigsmile:[/QUOTE]I wonder if that qualifies them for some sort of disability / assistance? Or, maybe they work in a job where there’s no face to face interaction like answering a phone.

I bet a lot of them work in a tattoo & piercing shop.
They are their own billboard.

A few might make a good bar bouncer.

[QUOTE=cholla;2703211]A few might make a good bar bouncer.[/QUOTE]

But not 1 of those with a nose ring…:disagree:
Here,we use nose rings to keep the bulls calm…1 grab,a twist,and they follow you like a puppy…:bigsmile::bigsmile:

Oh to be working at airport security and getting one of these people in the scanners.

[QUOTE=Wombler;2703107]Yikes, scary or what!?

I wonder how much they actually paid to have all this done?


When I lived in Austin, Tx., they had a problem with the homeless and aggressive panhandlers and such. They were all street urchins afaic. Ironically, for the cost of all their elaborate vanities like this, they could have had a home if their priorities were right. That stuff isn’t free. I’ve often thought of writing an article about that; doing reserach and seeing what costs what. Then, the lopsided news media couldn’t so easily paint them as “poor victims”, but what they really are: mentally ill.

Speaking of mentally ill, I have noticed that tattoos and criminals seem to go hand-in-hand for the most part. Look at today’s prison and gang populations. Likewise, tattoos and atheism seem to also somewhat go hand-in-hand. It always seems to be people who have no concept of God or ultimate accountability. To me, excess vanities like this are a sure sigh of great insecurity, resulting in misplaced priorities. These people are a dangerous burden on society (especially when you count all the infections you and I must pay for treating).

As for myself, this will suffice:
[I]“Do not cut your bodies for the dead, and do not mark your skin with tattoos. I am the Lord". Leviticus 19:28[/I]

Well I through I seen the bunch until I googled ugly Tatoo guy -images

[QUOTE=UTR;2703097]If she removed the piercings her mouth would leak when she took a drink.[/QUOTE]

Her mouth will not leak, I think. One of my buddy had 4 mouth piercings and when he removed them his mouth was not leaked absolutely :slight_smile:

Hate to get this started but here I go. There are people out there that need welfare for a while but I would be willing to bet these people or on government welfare so they do not have to look for a job.
I have seen more than one like this and they always seem to have something wrong with them like a bad back so they do not have to work. Some states passed laws that people of welfare cannot spend the money for this but that does not really help. I simple law that if you have a tattoo or body piercing in any area that will show when wearing cloths except for ears you cannot receive welfare would stop a lot of this. I have no problem with someone looking like a freak as long as they pay their on way.

I found a handsome Guy`s tatoo (((( still Waiting for the Drool Smilie )))


hard to explain this

He can’t draw very well - those are not flies (and that’s not a very convincing poop).