MA-600 Infrared Device for Nokia mobilez

I’ve got the Hardware (so they all say), but no software (gets worse!)… :rolleyes:

But jokes aside, I just need the software to be able to send junk to my Nokia 6210e.
I gather I’ve miss placed the software, but wondering where I could get the FULL version? :confused:

The one I keep seeing around the web is just a trial version!

Can any help me? Thanks for your time! :smiley:

Oh the software I was more interested in is Logo Manager, but whate ever you recommend that works with the MA-600 is fine! :slight_smile: …and I’ve already got the Windows XP update to get the IrDA device working too! Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I myself have the Actisys IrDA adapter for my motherboard and it works great.

I use it with Nokia Logomanager and am able to manage my phone book, create logo’s, compose ringtones and am able to send sms without having to mess with the nokia keys to type a message, but simply use my keyboard.

You can find Logomanager here:

The patch to use it further can be found using the search engine at

Hope this helps

U R Da MuN! :wink: