M4v embedded information



Hi, I have been searching around for some information about m4v files. I currently convert alot of movies and videos (avi, mkv, ect) to m4v so that they will play on my iphone and ipod. Something Ive come across is when you drag them into iTunes you can add artwork, episode names season number and all kinds of info. And If I then just copy that video file to another computer magically everything that I wrote in the file is still there. So what im wondering is if there is a emvedded information file that is editable in these m4v files. Thers got to be something if im able to copy them to a cd and open on another computer and have all the info I typed in in iTunes. Is there any other way to edit this info without itunes? Ive been looking for a program to do so, or jsut some info on how this works or how this information is stored in the video file.

I hope I made this clear enough, or someone knows what im talking about. Just trying to get some info no trouble or anything just intrested. Thanks!