M4a to mp3 conversion in WIN Med player

hey Gurus,

Can anyone describe the essentials of m4a files in regard to converting them into an mp3… my favorite podcast… or pod cast download, Alan Watts, an essential spiritaul teacher of the last 100 years found at:
the provider used to post downloadables as Mp3’s but suddenly changed their format to m4a, for whatever reason, so now i gotta do some extra leg work to down load, and burn to a cd so i can listen on the go… talk about needing to upgrade the personal technology, but whatever… i’m in the now of the past baby!!!, Any body with similar expereince or knowledge, Drop Me the Knowledge Bomb!!! Thanks, Digital Brotherly Love, and

The simplest method would be to use itunes. itunes will handle all of your mp3’s just fine, and will have no problems with the podcasts. itunes includes a burning engine and can burn anything to cd.

This will give you better results than converting the files to mp3.

As a side note, this is not a recommendation of using one product over the other. I have both installed on my system and they co-exist peacefully. :iagree: