M3U Files


Is there anywhere I can download M3U files for albums, or do you have to create these youself?

Many Thanks

You have to create them yourself.

What is the problem doing that??

It can be very easy to make your own M3U’s. They’re just text files containing the locations of the MP3’s in a certain order.

You can make an M3U of the MP3’s in a folder (in alphanumerical order) with the command dir /o:n /b *.mp3 > PlayList.m3u

If you want to make an M3U with an order of your choosing, then probably the easiest way would be to add the MP3’s to foobar2000 or WinAMP’s playlist window, sorting them out the way you want them, and then using (in Winamp) “List Opts” > “Save List” or (in foobar2000) “Playlist” > “Save Playlist”.