M3U File to MP3 File?



Hi guys,

I have a few MWU files that playon my pc (via windows media player) however when i burn to dvd and then try to play in dvd player dont recognise em! I’m guessing I need to trander them to MP3 to do this?

How do I change them to MP3??



M3U file is nothing more than a playlist, a textfile that tells the player where the MP3 files are located and in what order they need to be played.

Generally, when you drag the M3U file in Nero (audio CD layout) to the appropriate window, it will automatically load the MP3 files.

If you then burn them by using proper media and at an appropriate speed, you should have no problems playing them (some CD Players may still be picky though, especially car CD players)


Cheers, Ive got RecordNow! I go to create Data disk and drag all M3U file but it wont play on DVD (which plays MP3’s)- Any suggestions?


All an M3U file contains is a list of files to play. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN THE MUSIC FILES.

You need to burn the MP3 files and not the M3U file.

Some burning apps are inteligent enough to realise you have dragged a playlist into them(the M3U file) and then go away and fetch the MP3’s, but it seems that RecordNow is not and its just burning the playlist and leaving the MP3’s on your PC not on the CD. A playlist without the MP3 files is like a car without an engine, looks good but wont go anywhere.


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