M2v + wav: Now do I use Vision Express? Recode? Help!

I must not have found the magic thread. I have used TMPGEnc to split some AVIs into m2v and wav (PCM) files. I want to use my Nero Ultra package to now take it from there to a DVD-Video I can play on my home machine. I have the vague feeling I should be using either Vision Express or Recode to do something… but I can’t figure out what! :confused:

I don’t want to create any fancy menus; all I want to do is pack as many m2v and wav files as will fit on to one DVD, and be able to use like the next track button on my remote to go to the next video in the sequence. I have the feeling I should be able to do this with Vision Express, but it I can’t figure out how to even load m2v’s into the program. If there’s a step by step guide out there I’d love to get some help finding it!

Okay, I figured out how to add an m2v file into Vision Express, but there’s no Add Audio File choice. It’s like it only wants to use MPEG or AVI files.

-edit- Okay, I just needed to look a little bit harder! Found it. :bigsmile: