M2v music videos to DVD

I have read some of the other threads, yet I dont think they addressed my needs specifically. I am simply trying to do this:

I occasionally get music videos in odd formats that always seem to have problems with conversions to “what I call STANDARD FORMATS”.

Anyhow, I have, yet again run into one. It is Queens of the Stone Age, in Sydney Australian in 2003… a great show, although its in m2v format… and I dont want to compromise the quality… if possible by reducing the frame rate?? Someone said that is what I would need to do.

But here is the deal… I had all songs from this show as separate files… in m2v. I used a program to combine them all into one file which is about 700mb or so. There is also one file that is an interview which is the very beginning of the show, although this file was and is originally an mpg. Now, I also did use a program to convert these m2vs to mpg, but I wasnt able to combine the interview file with the remaining music file. A friend said it might be because of the frame rate or fps or something to that effect.

So, my full intention is to get these files completely off my hard drive as DVD and then eventually I can rip them on my pc again and make them whatever format I like… preferably avi.

Any suggestions out there on how I might accomplish this?

This is a very exhaustive typing job… but I have spent hours trying to get this right… and still I have to throw my arms up in the air until I get it done :smiley:

Thanks any and all who can help. Cheers!!!

DVDLab Pro. Import all matching m2v’s into one VTS, create a second VTS for the non-matching one. Bridge the two VTS’s, then create any menu you like.
This will be watchable on most standalone’s.
If you just want them converted to .avi, get virtualdubmod, load the file, click Video, Compression, choose a codec, then file, save .avi.

Doesn’t there exist even a .M2V plugin for TMPGenc?

Not that I’ve ever heard of. The only thing tmpgenc will do with m2v, is attempt to mux it with mpa/m2a in it’s tools section.

Thanks for the quick reply … although I have never used this app. before, so I am not familiar with how to operate it to do what I want with it. If you have a link to a tutorial, for step by step on my specific needs, that would be great.

My whole intent is obviously to make it watchable on a DVD, however, I really am seeking to remove it from my pc on a DVD and then rip it back as an avi, or vob. I am not sure why people use formats that require so much work to do what you want to do with them. It would make it so much easier if this and other videos I have were all in one single type of format.

I guess that is the fun part about using pcs and the net, constantly trying to find new things to do.

Anyway, as I asked before… if you have a link to a tutorial to do exactly what I need to do… or if you have a few spare minutes to give me a step by step on how to use DVD PRO… that would be wonderful.

Cheers :smiley:

It would make it so much easier if this and other videos I have were all in one single type of format.
But then places like this wouldn’t exist! :smiley: It’s the variety that causes the problems, that inspire the questions, that get the answers, on forums like these…
Here’s a couple of guides to get you started:
DVDLab Guides

<<<< I guess that is the fun part about using pcs and the net, constantly trying to find new things to do. <<<<<

The above was copied from my previous post… guess ya missed it. Thats what I meant when I said what you pasted. It was sort of a rhetorical question :slight_smile:

I will try reading the guide and see if it works for me. I will keep you informed. Thanks :slight_smile:

This is an edit: Well, I suppose I thought that the link above was an actual guide… but, it wasnt, and still dont know where to look or what I am exactly looking for!!

Anyway, if anyone knows, please help!!! Thanks.

The link points you to all the guides I have on videohelp.com
Read the “Beginners Compleat Guide to DVDLab” to get started.

Will do, thanks again budddy… I’ll let you know the status.


Well I tried to edit my last post… but couldnt find the edit button.

Anyway, I went to your guide as stated above… and first noticed your basics, for noobs… which stated that you must have a working mpg. Well as I stated they are m2v files, but I still continued thinking it might work.

I opened the app… and imported… or attempted to import the m2vs into the assets window. Then during the process, it couldnt "work with " the audio… so it asked if I wanted to transcode. I chose to do so… since your guide says do it. Anyway, It only created the mpa/mpv for 4 of the 9 videos. The rest it only created mpvs.

So, I am stuck here and I just closed the app… cuz I figured it woudnt work for the m2vs in the first place since you mentioned that I needed working mpgs. BUT… I tried anyway… to see if it would worrk :frowning:

So, in my trials and tribulations I am still at the beginning. Where did I go wrong or what did I lack to do?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

BTW I now see the edit button… but I suppose it is only available for a little while after you post, so you can edit the post quickly… otherwise its set in stone.

The problem is with the m2v format. Whoever encoded them should be shot, their computer trashed, and then confined to using a MAC for 20 years to life :wink:
Get VCDGear, and load the m2v (it should take it), and have it “repair mpeg”, with output to mpeg-2.
This should give you working mpegs.
If that fails, see if you can get tmpgenc to demux (file, mpeg tools simple demux), and get something out of that.
If that fails, try Muxman.
One way or another, you can get a workable m2v and mpa/mp2 from those files.

Yeah… I agree … shoot the mofo who made the m2vs… they do play… but only in certain appz, and not in others. Anyway… I have tmpgenc, havent tried that. But, I will try the other first, before that. I again will letcha know.


Tried to edit… but just got a system message about a time limit of 1/2 hour. Anyway…

My bad… first app I tried to use was tmpgenc and that didnt work. I also just tried VCD gear… but I wasnt sure what to select to “open the file as” except mpg… so I chose that. And, of course it did create an mpg… and opened fine in all media players… except for winamp, but I usually dont use winamp anyway for watching vids.

Anyway… the mpg it created… just like the others that I tried dont merge with the other mpg “interview” and I tried to work with this new one in DVDLab Pro… and it wouldnt create the audio. It had the usual problems.

So, last shot is Muxman.

Will keep you updated.

Muxman results:

0 files accepted 1 file rejected… so this does not work either. UGH!!! Any other ideas??

I know you have been trying to help… but no go. Ya feel like downloading these files from me on slsk and seeing if you can work with them??

Try VideoReDo. It may take (and join) them.
Try ReJig, select file mode, Click ADD, find the m2v, then it should show the stream list in the right hand pane. Hilight video, select demux, then hilight audio, select demux, and see if you can get anything out of them.

Video ReDo no good… but REJig seemed to work for the first m2v I tried.

I now have two files, one audio and of course one video. Shall I put them back in DVD Lab and work with them there… or is there a way to make them one complete and working mpeg now?.. and then eventually join them with the original mpeg interview.

NO, don’t put them back together (remux). DVDLab will just demux (take them apart) again. Those two files (the m2v and mpa/m2a) are exactly what DVDLab works with!
Do the same with your interview. Do the same with ALL the files you want in the project.
In DVDLab, put the Interview in movie 1. Right click in the Project window (top left) and Add new VTS.
Right click again on VTS2, and select Add Movie.
Put the First of your actual movies into VTS2, movie 1.
On the connections tab, right click VTS1 and bridge it to VTS2.
Make your menu however you want.
Add more movies, one for each portion of the total, link them however you want.
If the interview is EXACTLY the same aspect, framerate, and audio as the movies, they can all go into ONE VTS, so ignore the bit above about 2 VTS.
If they’re different aspect, framerate, and audio, you will have to use 1 VTS for EACH DIFFERENT ASPECT (framerate doesn’t matter as much).
If I knew exactly what all your video aspect ratios were, I could do up a screenshot in dvdlabpro to show you how best to link them, or even a quick menu you could use, and just drop in your videos, and compile.

m2v is mpeg-2 video stream without audio. I don’t think you can demux a m2v to get a m2v and mp2. Or have I missed something in the video format jungle?

Not in this case. The m2v’s DO include an audio stream.
Not all m2v’s are created equal, and whoever ripped/encoded these should be shot! :smiley:

Well, I am kinda confused here, b/c I asked in the last post if I should put them back in DVDLab Pro and work with them there. I didnt mean put them back together or to “remultiplex” them… I mean simply put the files back in the application to create the DVD in DVDLab Pro. So, maybe I am missing your intent above.

Anyway, you mentioned that if you knew exactly what all my video aspect ratios were… then you could do the screenshot… etc. Well, thats why I suggested you actually download the whole video from me on soulseek and see it for yourself. Its a mess :slight_smile: Lemme know if you are up for doing that… then maybe you can write a tutorial afterwards about this experience!!

Keep me informed. Btw… I am not quite sure in your previous post… if you want me to put the m2vs that are split into (m2a/m2v) back into DVDLab Pro… and create menus etc and combine them with the orig. mpg interview and make the DVD there… so if you can clarify that portion… I would appreciate it.

BTW… did I mention you have been awesome so far in helping me here?? Well… you have… Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Yes, just import the m2v and m2a into dvdlab, author, burn. I did misunderstand, sorry. :smiley:
What I meant in the previous post (I’ll try to keep it simpler), is that if the Interview video is completely different than the others, it needs to go into a separate VTS, unless you’re willing to MAKE it the same as the others. This involves re-encoding.
We don’t want to join the whole thing into one big video, because DVDLab will work nicely (actually better) if they’re all separate.
So there’s 2 or 3 ways to get your content onto dvd.
1.) Use multiple VTS if the content is mixed. (this is the fastest)
2.) Convert the mixed content, so it’s all the same type of content. (this is the best way, but not the easiest/fastest)
3.) Ignore the mixed content and author anyhow, and hope it display’s properly. (this is the easiest, but it may not work).

And, you’re most welcome. I hope others can benefit from some of this as well.