M2ts to multiavchd, is an extra step with handbrake worthed?

I know there is probably no exact answer to this.
I have been playing with DVDs for a long time and now getting into bluray.

For years I used Dvd2one or dvd rebuilder (with CCE enc) depending on the quality of output I wanted, and I am now at establishing my setup for blurays.

My understanding his that after ripping the disc I could directly use Multiavchd to reencode / reauthor, and all would be done.

or I could use handbrake , or even BD rebuilder to rencode to the desired size before using multiavchd.

After playing with them for a few days, they all used the exact same tools (avisynth, ffdshow, haali…) so is there any value to this extra step (other than more options) form a quality standpoint?

In the dvd era, dvd rebuilder was giving access to cce, but now the encoder is the same…!!

tia, soso

What is your intended output? Blu ray, avchd, mp4 or mkv?

If you don’t want to compress the video, you can use ClownBD to select just the parts you want and make a new Blu ray video. Or use BluRip to make an uncompressed .mkv file.

If you intend to compress, there is no need to use anything other than MultiAVCHD [B]or[/B] BD-Rebuilder. Both can produce mkv, AVCHD or Blu ray compliant video.

Bluray to blu-ray

yes I intend to compress , and I need to keep multiple Audio / subtitles , and create menu (which makes multiavchd a good choice anyway)

Would the quality of the output from BD-rebuilder / multiavchd /handbrake differ since they all used the same underlying encoder/splitter?

thks, soso

just checked that blurip, could be an options as well.

it uses the same set of tools and could rip / reencode. then I could use multiavchd to create menu and reauthor.

but then again I am left with the same interrogation , is the performance of Haali, ffdshow, avisynth guide by one tool or the other just the same?

too many choices :slight_smile:


There often isn’t much difference in the output from the various GUI’s, since they use the same underlying tools (as you have noted). Where they differ is in their basic settings for X264 commands. There are a lot of different options in how the encoder is used, and you have to be aware of the choices that are available in each program and what those choices mean in terms of encoding parameters.

If you want complete control of the encoder, it is possible in tools like MeGui or the advanced encoding section of Handbrake or MultiAVCHD. But it is easy to screw things up if you don’t know what you are doing. Most of the time, the gui’s use the so called “sane” choices offered by the X264 programmers. Handbrake has a page that discusses this topic here: https://forum.handbrake.fr/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=19426

Back to your question though…I have never used MultiAVCHD to make menus, so I can’t advise you on how well it works. You’ll need to do some experimenting. If you just wanted the original menu, BD-Rebuilder can compress the whole thing.