M2TS Audio Sync Issues

Is anyone else experiencing audio sync issues when converting a m2ts file for use on a ipod? After conversion, when viewing the resulting movie, the audio gets progressively out of sync with the video. I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing or if it’s a issue with VideoFAB Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



Which audio and video codec of your m2ts file ?

sorry for the problem, I am working at refactory the code about support HD file format, like m2ts, ts, please tell me the information, which will help me.


Here is the information you requested.

The m2ts movie file I’m working with is “The Fifth Element.”

I has the following properties.

H.264 video Profile High@4.1 Resolution 1920:1080p Frame Rate 23.976

True-HD audio Bitrate 640 Kbps AC3 core + HD Data. Sample Rate:48KHz Channels: 6

I’ve tried this file and one I compiled using a audio stream downsampled to AC-3 only both with the same result. The audio progressively gets out of sync with the video when converted for iPod. Hope this information is helpful. Thanks for looking into the problem.