M TS-H552U won't burn

Hi everybody !
I just had a TSST H552U with my computer.
I installed it without any problems.
The problem is that when I want to burn some videos on a dvd-r ( TDK, mediacode TTG02), the simulation is ok at 8x, but when the writing starts it fails in less than a second with that message “Invalid field in command” and then “Invalid track info” and the burn process fail :sad:

So I tried another burning software, Deepburner, the writing went fine without any problem, so I thought it was just some nero bug …
But when I wanted to see the videos on my divx platine it went bad on some files, I tested the dvd on my pc with winamp and it seems to be ok (I previously burned other dvd with another writer without problems)
To see what’s the problem I did a kprobe scan, and ARGH, the result is catastrophic, i’m not an expert in those scans but here it is really s***

So anyone see what is the problem ? I saw some similar problems here but no one resolved

I hope this problem can be resolved because I have a lot of work for this writer