M$ error after erasing with Dvdinfopro

I’m a Total Newb to DVD Burning & other than My Hi post this is My first.
I’m sure My question has been asked & answered but after 2 days of searching I can’t find it! please know that I’m not afraid to search its just I guess I’m not that good at it .
In short I used DVDINFOPRO v4.32 to erase a Maxell DVD+RW Disc with My LH-16W1P DVD±RW! Firm(SL02) 10/02/06 Now when I try to open/explore the disc I get the following M$ error >
Windows cannot read from this Disc. The Disc might be corrupted,or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows
Is this normal ? & when I go to My Computer & select properties of the disc I can see that the file system is “RAW” Is this normal ? Is the disc ok? or did I ruin it? Please excuse My Newbness but am I good to go in reguards to this disc?

I found the answer to My question but not in Your fourm but rather by a process that I don’t like to do
Trial & Error Turns out that the DVD±RW disc was fine it was Blank(RAW) & awaiting data to be written to it.
I hope I never-ever-ever get to the point where I can’t give a simple 1 worded reply to help a Newb/Felow-Man but if I do I hope I retain enough objectivness to realize thats its most likely due to the fact that I’ve probably spent way too much time in front of the PC & Ifn I do then I hereby give anyone of Yall the permission to Virtually-Knock-The-Slatz rite outta Me. LOL

Glad you found the solution, and thanks for feeding back :slight_smile: