M Disc ? Availability Options etc!

Hey Guys, Been a while since I posted. Was still CD Freaks back then ! Miss the old format TBH. Myce ? Ehh Euchhh.

Anyway . So. I want to back up some data. So i got a NAS. But it failed and i lost everything ! I now have a new NAS with redundancy and a USB HD for a backup but im still not happy ! Im thinking that critical files need a 3rd level of redundancy ie M Disc. Ok so we will never be here in 1000 years to see if the hype is true or not, likely not, remember when CD’s were supposedly unscratchable. We are fools for believing the corporate mind wash hype bs time and time again ! However M Disk has struck the nerve, as the hype is supposed to and im thinking of investing in a new Burner for my PC. Ive only started investigating and currently believe that only LG produce a burner for M Disk though this data is likely to be out of date. What I am hoping for is someone that is clued up on M Disc support, likely advancements in M Disc ie Capacity/ Write Speeds/ Media Costs and would be willing to impart that knowledgeto me so i can make an informed purchase. So all comments, suggestions and recommendations are welcome. Please feel free to comment or leave a link for me pertaining to M Disk Burners. Thanks all and Happy Burning :slight_smile:


There’s not really much range in write speeds… it’s all 4x, from what I understand.

You could choose any of the available burners which support M-Disc (most of them are listed at the page sengork linked, though the “friendly” names of a few drives are not shown). They all generally write with the same quality to said media. Since they are general DVD (or BD) writers as well, you can take into consideration how they write to other media (if that’s your concern).

What drives are available to you?

Hi Albert,

Im in the UK so I expect most should be available but perhaps not. Currently Im a bit skint for money so it will likely have to wait. Perhaps even 6 months or more. Im wondering how long before we see faster drives ! Ive been burnt before buying drives for burning CD’s only for a new ‘breakthrough’ in writing speed to occur 2 weeks after i purchased x4 writing speed. Im kinda tyred how corporations dribble the technology out and as consumers we ‘invest’ in there products which immediately devalue and become obsolete as soon as a better model is available. Im going to wait for a mass produced dirt cheep model that can burn at x16. OK it might be 5 years away and not 6 months. :frowning: