M/c wouldn't see GSA 5120D

File manager stopped recognizing 5120D. other burning softwares like Pinnacle, Sonic, and DVD Decrypter cannt see the burner. tried to upgrade firmware to A117 but installer cannt find an existing version.
please advise!!! thanks

If you can, try testing the drive on another computer.

If it can be recognised on that other system, then it is an issue with the USB/Firewire interface on your current system. That could be :

  • a USB/firewire driver issue
  • USB/firewire port problem
  • some setting in your system’s BIOS is disable your USB/firewire ports

If it cannot be recognised on that other system, it might be :

  • the USB/firewire cable doesn’t work properly
  • USB/firewire port on your drive has dirty contacts
  • something has gone wrong with the drive

As for why it suddenly, happened, I have no idea.