M$ authentication question



Can someone please tell me exactly what M$ looks for on line to authenticate your OS.


I’d say a genuine, non-blacklisted key that matches the version installed.

I’m moving this to General Software.


Other than the appropriate product key, what specifically do they look for in the hardware? I know that if you change out the motherboard they will no longer recognize it.


you’re mixing up authentication with activation. The online authentication looks at your serial number and version of windows you have for example if you have win xp home oem version it will look for an xp home oem serial number that is valid, if it’s blacklisted it will return that it’s not a valid install


I’m talking about the authentication process that you go through when you go to get download from M$.


that is what he just stated to you, it checks to see if it is a valid install, if it isn’t you get no download from them.


[B]Activation/Aunthentication checks for:[/B]
Product key
PC manufacturer
Windows version
BIOS information
BIOS MD5 Checksum
Language setting and version
Hard drive serial number

Doesn’t match, deny download. They probably keep these tidbits of info on their activation system and force check against your hardware.


Yep I even tried the exact same mobo (first one died) same revision, same bios revision and when I booted Windows it said too many hardware changes “You Must reactivate Windows within three days” Then I restarted and lost my three days.:a The phone call to Microsoft takes about 20 minutes to reactivate.:frowning:


Thank you MetalSlayerX and crossg…for a moment there I was afraid that I had stepped into the twilight zone and no one understood what I was asking.


Mine did the same thing but I wasn’t so lucky. It gave me three days, then took them right back after reboot. When I tried to activate, it wouldn’t generate an install id. They had me change the product key (they gave me a new one). That didn’t work so they basically said, you are hosed, call tech support tomorrow during business hours. The funny thing is, they refused to send me any documentation on the new product key, so my genuine retail copy of windows xp consists of a product key hand written on a piece of paper.

You gotta love microsoft…


It’s a major pain in the A$$. They think that I am going to downlaod this to my PC for more frustration. I think not. I own three legal copies of Windows XP Pro, Windows Media Center edition and Vista Home premium also have a free Upgrade to Vista home Premuim on it’s way’ Got the upgrade for buying the OEM Windows Media Center edition. Anyways I don’t know how Legal it is but I will buy Acronis as I heard it’s a good piece of software and copy a fresh install to some old HDD’s I have kicking around. Hopefully that will avoid any future conversations with Microsoft employees.:slight_smile:


What we were discussing here was what hardware does M$ look at when it checks to see if the OS is authentic, if you use software to ghost the OS from one machine to another and expect to get any updates…good luck.


Nope. Same machine but once you have to do a reinstall it usually comes up and says this product has already been activated . Requireing the dreaded phone call phone call. Hopefully it will just save me a call. Ghosting to another machine is not what I had in mind and probably won’t work because the hardware is different.:slight_smile:


Get your updates via Autopatcher, then you don’t have to deal with M$.


Use M$ SkipRearm feature that was built into the the OS. To deal with the activation issue.


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I have recently started using acronis images for that too. It saves all the activation and update crap if you need to reinstall.