LX9000R recording Problems

Hi I have a Philips LX9000R came free with my Plasma around 2 years ago,

Have hardly used it for recording purposes, mainly for dvd playback

recently trying to play with it a bit more and record with it

despite using brand new philips +rw discs, once a recording starts, dsc warning constantly appears on the lcd display and on the screen and after no more than a couple of minutes disc error appears and the recording ends

the display then shows init menu , post format and player hangs and you have to power off at the mains

the disc itself does not get updated with the menu,

Any ideas would be appreciated, from what I have found elsewhere sounds like could be laser problem ??

There were laser problems with much earlier Philips machines; however the signs you have encountered could be explained by using high speed rated discs or their generally poor quality.

What speed rating of +RW discs are you using, and what brand?