LX 9000R Locked to Region 2


Does anyone know how to make the Philips LX 9000R Multi region? Can it be done using the OneForAll remote?

Many thanks

Hi dave, I have the same philips LX9000r system as u! Been having a few problems with mine. It won’t play some of my DVD’s but I didn’t realise the thing is not mutli regional. Hope this is the reason. Last surround system I had went on the blink. Though this sytem had gone the same way. Let me know if ya find a solution. What do ya think about the bit of kit. I lov mine. Especially the opening mechanism. Cool or what cheers mate.


Hey Dave

You can always try this page, which provides solutions and codes for other Philips DVD players and recorders. Select the first of the two links for the RC6 method (uses the OneForAll remote).