Lwv 5026

Hi All
New to both this Forum and the LWV5026…
so many Questions… so little time!
Anyway let me try these 2 for starters…

Can anyone shed light on the front panel display- Nowhere in my handbook does it explain what digits are what!

Secondly when I switch my TV to AV2 (Liteon output) it reverts to 4:3
even though I have set both TV and Liteon to 16:9 format–Any Ideas?

Welcome aboard to the forum :wink:

I heard of people complaining about LiteOn’s 16:9 mode causing their TV to switch to 4:3, as if the LiteOn’s 16:9 mode cancel’s the TV’s aspect ratio setting out! It may be worth altering the settings about to see, just in case. For a start, I would suggest trying the following:

If your TV is 4:3 : Set the TV’s AV2 input to ‘4:3’ and change your LiteOn to 4:3 L.Box

If your TV is 16:9 : If your TV has a ‘Stretch’ option, choose this for AV2 and set your LiteOn to ‘16:9’ Alternatively, set AV2 on your TV to ‘16:9’ and set your LiteOn to ‘4:3 L.Box’. If Either of these don’t help, try the ‘4:3 Pan’. However, I got a feeling in this case that the LiteOn will digitially resize the image rather than output a full frame.

The front display icons are mentioned at least on their website manual for your LiteOn. See the following link to download a PDF version of the manual:


The image below is a snapshot from the lower half of page 6. :wink:

Thanks Sean I will try that this evening.